Data Replication

HCL OneDB™ has built-in support for variety of business requirements related to fault tolerance, data replication, and database scale-out using sharding technology.

Customers rely HCL OneDB replication technologies to meet each one of the below mentioned business requirements:
  • For transactional database, businesses demand zero data loss, and less than one minute recovery time in case of failure
  • Businesses demand rolling application upgrade, and rolling server upgrade support – No planned downtime for maintenance operations
  • Businesses do require transactional databases to be protected from natural disasters, and human errors
  • Businesses do require transactional databases to scale out quickly to handle spikes during special events
  • For geographically distributed applications, businesses do require transactional database to be available even if network goes down between datacenters
  • For regulatory reasons, businesses do require certain data to be stored local to the country and still support seamless access to the data for applications residing across geographic boundaries