Specific Name

Use a specific name to declare an identifier for a UDR that is unique in the database or name space. Use the Specific Name segment whenever you see a reference to a specific name in a syntax diagram.


Specific Name

1?  owner .  specific_id

Element Description Restrictions Syntax
owner Owner of the UDR No more than 32 bytes. Must be same as owner of function or procedure name of this UDR. See also Restrictions on the Owner Name. Owner name
specific_id Unique name of the UDR Must be no more than 128 bytes long. See also Restrictions on the Specific Name. Identifier


A specific name is a unique identifier that the CREATE PROCEDURE or CREATE FUNCTION statement declares as an alternative name for a UDR.

Because you can overload routines, a database can have more than one UDR with the same name and different parameter lists. You can assign a UDR a specific name that uniquely identifies the specific UDR.

If you declare a specific name when you create the UDR, you can later use that name when you alter, drop, grant, or revoke privileges, or update statistics on that UDR. Otherwise, you need to include the parameter data types with the UDR name, if the name alone does not uniquely identify the UDR.