Restrictions on Specifying Characters in Quoted Strings

You must observe the following restrictions on character in quoted strings:
  • If you are using the ASCII code set, you can specify any printable ASCII character, including a single ( ' ) quotation mark or double ( " ) quotation mark. For restrictions that apply to using quotation marks in quoted strings, see Using Quotation Marks in Strings.
  • In some locales, you can specify non-ASCII characters, including multibyte characters, that the locale supports. See the discussion of quoted strings in the HCL OneDB™ GLS User's Guide.
  • If you enable newline characters for quoted strings, you can embed newline characters in quoted strings. For further information, see Newline Characters in Quoted Strings.
  • You can enter DATETIME and INTERVAL data values as quoted strings. For the restrictions that apply to entering DATETIME and INTERVAL data in quoted-string format, see DATETIME and INTERVAL Values as Strings.
  • Quoted strings that are used with the LIKE or MATCHES keyword in a search condition can include wildcard characters that have a special meaning in the search condition. For further information, see LIKE and MATCHES in a Condition.
  • When you insert a value that is a quoted string, you must observe a number of restrictions. For further information, see Inserting Values as Quoted Strings.