Column Name

The Column Name segment can be an element in comparison conditions. The name of a column (or of one or more fields within a column of a ROW data type) is not the subject of the comparison, but the database server uses this SQL identifier to access the data value in the specified column or field of a row in a database table or view.

Column Name

1  table .
1  view .
1  synonym .
1  alias .
1 column
1  row_column?  + 1.field
  • 1 Repeat no more than three times
Element Description Restrictions Syntax
alias Temporary alternative name for table or view Must be defined in the FROM clause of the SELECT statement Identifier
column Name of a column Must exist in the specified table Identifier
field A field to compare in a ROW type column Must be a component of row-column name or field name (for nested rows) Identifier
row_column A column of type ROW Must be an existing named ROW type or unnamed ROW type Identifier
synonym, table, view Name of a synonym, table, or view The synonym and the table or view to which it points must exist in the database Identifier

For more information on the meaning of the column name in these conditions, see the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL Conditions and the LIKE and MATCHES Condition.