ELSE Clause

The ELSE clause executes if no true previous condition exists in the IF clause or any of the ELIF clauses.

In the following example, the SPL function uses an IF statement with both an ELIF clause and an ELSE clause. The IF statement compares two strings.

The function displays 1 to indicate that the first string comes before the second string alphabetically, or -1 if the first string comes after the second string alphabetically. If the strings are the same, a zero (0) is returned.
CREATE FUNCTION str_compare (str1 CHAR(20), str2 CHAR(20))
   DEFINE result INT;
      IF str1 > str2 THEN LET result =1;
         ELIF str2 > str1 THEN LET result = -1;
         ELSE LET result = 0;
      END IF
   RETURN result;
END FUNCTION -- str_compare