About the HCL OneDB REST API

The REST API provides driverless access to your HCL OneDB™ data.

With the HCL OneDB REST API, you can run query, insert, load, update, and delete operations against relational tables, JSON collections, and TimeSeries tables. The REST API provides application developers driverless access to their HCL OneDB data from any application through simple HTTP requests.

The REST API is a Java™ application based on the Eclipse Vert.x framework. It is provided as an executable JAR file in the HCL OneDB APIs package. When started, the REST jar will start a mid-tier gateway server that will process HTTP requests from clients. The REST server converts these HTTP requests into database operations (queries, inserts, deletes, etc.) which it then executes against the HCL OneDB database server through a JDBC connection.

The REST API transfers data in JSON format, no matter if the data in the HCL OneDB database resides in traditional relational tables, JSON collections, or TimeSeries tables. The JSON document format provides a way to transfer data in a way that is language neutral and easy to consume in whichever programming language is used by the application.

This graphic depicts the REST API architecture in HCL OneDB.