Supported Unicode functions

The HCL OneDB™ ODBC Driver supports both ANSI and Unicode version of all functions that accept pointer to character strings or SQLPOINTER in their arguments.

The following list describes the two types of functions supported:
ODBC “A�? functions
The normal ODBC functions that accept single byte (ASCII) data as input for all the character/string parameters.
ODBC “W�? functions
The Unicode functions that accept “wide characters�? as input for all character/string parameters.

The ODBC specification defines these functions with the wchar_t data type. This data type is the standard C library-wide character data type.

The following Unicode “wide�? functions are supported by the HCL OneDB ODBC Driver:
  • SQLColAttributeW
  • SQLColAttributesW
  • SQLConnectW
  • SQLDescribeColW
  • SQLErrorW
  • SQLExecDirectW
  • SQLGetConnectAttrW
  • SQLGetCursorNameW
  • SQLSetDescFieldW
  • SQLGetDescFieldW
  • SQLGetDescRecW
  • SQLGetDiagFieldW
  • SQLGetDiagRecW
  • SQLPrepareW
  • SQLSetConnectAttrW
  • SQLSetCursorNameW
  • SQLColumnsW
  • SQLGetConnectOptionW
  • SQLGetTypeInfoW
  • SQLSetConnectOptionW
  • SQLSpecialColumnsW
  • SQLStatisticsW
  • SQLTablesW
  • SQLDataSourcesW
  • SQLDriverConnectW
  • SQLBrowseConnectW
  • SQLColumnPrivilegesW
  • SQLGetStmtAttrW
  • SQLSetStmtAttrW
  • SQLForeignKeysW
  • SQLNativeSqlW
  • SQLPrimaryKeysW
  • SQLProcedureColumnsW
  • SQLProceduresW
  • SQLTablePrivilegesW
  • SQLDriversW

As of Version 4.10, the SQLGetDiagRecW function BufferLength argument is defined as: Length of the MessageText buffer in characters.