Retrieve the status of a smart large object

The status information of a smart large object has corresponding client functions.

The following table describes the status information and the corresponding client functions.
Disk-storage information Description Client functions
Last access time The time, in seconds, that a smart large object was last accessed.

This value is available only if the LO_KEEP_LASTACCESS_TIME flag is set for the smart large object.

Last time of status change The time, in seconds, of the last status change for a smart large object.

A change in status includes updates, changes in ownership, and changes to the number of references.

Last modification time (seconds) The time, in seconds, that a smart large object was last modified. ifx_lo_stat_mtime_sec()
Last modification time (microseconds) The microsecond component of the time of last modification.

This value is only supported on platforms that provide system time to microsecond granularity.

Reference count A count of the number of references to a smart large object. ifx_lo_stat_refcnt()
Size The size, in bytes, of a smart large object. ifx_lo_stat_size()

The time values (such as last access time and last change time) might differ slightly from the system time. This difference is due to the algorithm that the database server uses to obtain the time from the operating system.