Report standard ODBC types

HCL OneDB™ ODBC Driver supports existing applications that support standard ODBC data types only. Check the DSN option Report Standard ODBC Types to turn on this behavior.

When an application sets this option, the driver sets the following behavior:
  • Only Standard ODBC data types are reported for all the driver defined new data types.
  • The data type access method for smart-large-object (LO) data can be accessed as SQL_LONGVARCHAR and SQL_LONGVARBINARY. In other words, SQL_LONGVARCHAR and SQL_LONGVARBINARY act like the simple large objects, byte, and text.
  • The defaultUDTfetchtype is set to SQL_C_CHAR.
However, you can control each of the preceding behaviors individually as a connection or a statement level option. Use the following connection and statement level attributes:

Applications can use SQLSetConnectAttr and SQLSetStmtAttr to set and unset these values. (ODBC 2.x applications can use SQLSetConnectOption and SQLSetStmtOption equivalently.)