Configuring a DSN in Windows

In Windows™ environments, HCL OneDB™ ODBC Driver provides a GUI to configure DSNs.

About this task

To configure a DSN:


  • Choose a procedure to modify your DSN:
    • Choose the User DSN option to restrict access to one user.
    • Choose the System DSN option to restrict access to system users.
    • Choose the File DSN option to allow access to all users on a network.
  • Enter DSN-configuration values to create a DSN, such as the data-source name, the database server name, and the database locale.

What to do next

For a description of values, see the following two tables. Values are shown in the order that they appear in each section. You can also use Microsoft™ ODBC, Version 2.5 or later, to configure a DSN.
Tip: To find out what DSN you have, click the About tab and read the contents of the Description text box.
Important: To configure a DSN on the Windows 64-bit platform, you must use the 32-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator:

You must specify the user and password.If you are enabling single-sign on (SSO), additional steps are in "Configuring ESQL/C and ODBC Drivers for SSO" in HCL OneDB Security Guide.

Table 1. Required DSN values
Required values Description
Data Source Name DSN to access

This value is any name that you choose. Data Source Name is like an envelope that contains all relevant connection information about the DSN.

Database Name Name of the database to which the DSN connects by default
Host Name Computer on which Server is in
Protocol Protocol used to communicate with Server

After you have added a DSN, the menu will display the available choices.

Server Name HCL® OneDB database server on which Database is in
Service HCL OneDB database server process that runs on your Host computer

Confirm the service name with your system administrator or database administrator.

Table 2. Optional DSN values
Optional values Description
Client Locale Default value: en_us.1252
Database Locale Default value: en_us.1252
Description Any information, such as version number and service
Options General information, such as password settings

For more information about this value, see the sqlhosts information in your HCL OneDB Administrator's Guide.

Password Password for access to the DSN
Translation Library Dynamic linked library (DLL) that performs code-set conversion; default value: $ONEDB_HOME\bin\ig04n304.dll
User ID User identification or account name for access to the DSN
Translation Option Option for a non-HCL OneDB translation library

Varying multibyte character length reporting option that specifies how to set pcbValue when rgbValue (the output area) is not large enough for the code-set-converted data

Possible values:
  • 0=Estimate
  • 1=Exact

Default value: 0

Cursor Behavior Flag for cursor behavior when a commit or rollback transaction is called
Possible values are:
  • 0=close cursor
  • 1=preserve cursor

Default value: 0

After you complete these steps, you will connect to the DSN.