HCL OneDB ODBC Driver with the DMR

HCL OneDB™ ODBC Driver includes a Driver Manager Replacement (DMR) library. The DMR replaces the driver manager on platforms where no driver manager is available.

The following figure shows an ODBC configuration with the DMR.
Figure 1: Architecture of the driver manager replacement module

This graphic contains four horizontal rectangles. The rectangles are labeled, from left to right, "ODBC 2.x/3.x Application", "HCL OneDB ODBC Driver Manager Replacement Module", "HCL OneDB ODBC Driver", and "Data Source." The rectangles are connected in a single horizontal line by three arrows.

Applications that are linked directly to the ODBC Version 4.10 driver and the DMR do not require the ODBC Driver Manager.

In addition to supporting ODBC Version 4.10 features, the DMR supports compatibility between ODBC 2.x applications and Version 3.00 of the HCL OneDB ODBC Driver. To be compatible with ODBC 2.x applications, the application must link to Version 3.00 of HCL OneDB ODBC Driver through the DMR or through the ODBC Version 4.10 driver manager.

You cannot use the HCL® OneDB DMR to connect to non-HCL OneDB data sources. The DMR does not support connection pooling. The DMR does not map between Unicode and ANSI APIs.