Support for code-set conversion

Code-set conversion converts character data from one code set to another. In a client/server environment, character data might need to be converted from one code set to another if the client and database server computers use different code sets to represent the same characters. For detailed information about code-set conversion, see the HCL OneDB™ GLS User's Guide.

You must specify code-set conversion for the following types of character data:
  • SQL data types (char, varchar, nchar, nvarchar)
  • SQL statements
  • Database objects such as database names, column names, table names, statement identifier names, and cursor names
  • Stored procedure text
  • Command text
  • Environment variables

HCL OneDB JDBC Driver converts character data as it is sent between client and database server. The code set (encoding) used for the conversion is specified in the systables catalog for the opened database. You set the DB_LOCALE and CLIENT_LOCALE values in the connection properties or database URL.