Handle code-set conversion

When the client and database code sets differ, the client application performs code-set conversion on character data.

For more information, see Perform code-set conversion.

If your application executes in an environment in which code-set conversion might occur, check that the application correctly handles the following situations:
  • When the application writes simple large objects (TEXT or BYTE data) to the database, it must set the loc_type field in the locator structure loc_t to indicate the type of simple large object that it needs to write.
  • When the application writes smart large objects (CLOB or BLOB data) to the database, it uses various large-object file descriptors.
  • When the application uses the sqlda structure to describe dynamic SQL statements, it must account for possible size differences in character data.
  • When the application has character data that might undergo code-set conversion, you must declare character buffers that can hold the data.

    For more information, see Avoid partial characters.