Qualifiers of SQL identifiers

A complete syntax can include other identifiers.

The SQL segment column in SQL identifiers that support non-ASCII characters shows the segment in the HCL OneDB™ Guide to SQL: Syntax that describes the syntax of the identifier. In many cases, the complete syntax can include other identifiers. For example, the Database Object Name segment shows that the syntax of an index name can also include a database name, a database server name, and an owner name and the unqualified name of the index.

Keep in mind that even if the simple, unqualified name of a database object accepts multibyte characters, other identifiers in the fully qualified name of that object, such as database@server:owner.index, can include multibyte characters only if they also appear in the previous table. In this example, the database qualifier within the fully qualified index name can include multibyte characters, but the identifier of the database server that qualifies the index name cannot include multibyte characters.