Requirements for the HCL OneDB Client Software Development Kit DB-Access utility

Before you start DB-Access on a client, set up the client environment.

The DB-Access utility on a client can directly access HCL OneDB™ databases with which Client SDK has a client/server connection.

Do the following tasks before you start DB-Access utility that is included with Client SDK:

  • Set the client/server connectivity information in the sqlhosts file.
    • If you renamed the file or moved it from the default location, set the ONEDB_ SQLHOSTS environment variable to the full path name and file name of the file that contains the connectivity information.
    • You can use the syncsqlhosts utility to convert connection information from the Windows™ registry format to the sqlhosts file format.
  • Set the sqlhosts information.
  • Set the ONEDB_HOME environment variable to the Client SDK installation directory.
  • Set the ONEDB_SERVER environment variable for a default server name.