onmode -wi: Import a configuration parameter file

Use the onmode -wi command to import a file that contains new values for multiple configuration parameters. If the parameters are tunable, which means they can be updated individually with an onmode -wm command, the database server applies the new values.

>>-onmode-- -wi--path_name-------------------------------------><
Element Purpose Key Considerations
path_name The full or relative path name of the previously exported configuration file.


Importing a configuration file with onmode -wi is often faster and more convenient than running individual onmode -wm commands on multiple tunable configuration parameters.

The import operation ignores the configuration parameters in the file that are not tunable. The operation also ignores new parameter values that match the values that are currently used by the instance.

After you import the file, you can modify the values of the imported configuration parameters.

An import operation changes only the values of configuration parameters that are in memory. The operation does not affect the values in the $ONEDB_HOME/etc/$ONCONFIG file.

The onmode -wi command is equivalent to the SQL administration API functions that have onmode and wi arguments or the import argument.


The following command imports the configuration parameters that are in a file named onconfig3 in the /tmp directory:
onmode -wi /tmp/onconfig3