Troubleshooting HCL OneDB JSON compatibility

Several troubleshooting techniques, tools, and resources are available for resolving problems that you encounter with HCL OneDB™ JSON compatibility.

Problem Solution
How do I start the wire listener? See Starting the wire listener.
How can I debug wire listener problems?
When staring the wire listener, add -loglevel level to the java command use to start the listener process, where level is the logging level. Log level options are:
  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug
  • trace

For more information, see Wire listener command line options.

How can I view all of the current properties for the wire listener properties file?

An example properties file is installed at $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ which provides descriptions of all of the wire listener’s configuration properties. For more information, see The wire listener configuration file.

How do I access the wire listener help?

You can view a list of available command line options by running the -help command.