HCL OneDB extensions and DataBlade modules

These topics describe how to use built-in database extensions and separately installed DataBlade® modules.

External resources

  • HCL OneDB™ Server built-in database extensions system requirements (Support document) This document describes the platform support of built-in database extensions in the HCL OneDB server.
  • Solving Business Problems with HCL OneDB TimeSeries ( publication) This book provides practical information about how to use the HCL OneDB TimeSeries technology and real-world examples of how the HCL OneDB TimeSeries solution can be used in the energy and utilities industry.
  • HCL OneDB Channel (video) Watch the Internet of Things videos to understand how the HCL OneDB TimeSeries solution is key to managing device data.
  • Get started now with the HCL OneDB TimeSeries solution () This article describes general architecture of HCL OneDB TimeSeries components, steps for creating and loading a time series, and how to administer a time series.
  • HCL OneDB smart meter central wiki (wiki) This wiki focuses on the use of the HCL OneDB TimeSeries to manage data that is collected from smart meters. The wiki includes the following types of information: news stories and videos; information about partners and solutions; white papers and presentations; reference material, training material, and sample code.

Main resources