How can I search for applications when Domain Search is enabled?

Domain Search is a powerful tool that allows you to search a Domino® domain, or across several Domino domains, as determined by the Domino administrator (or Domain Search application manager), who also specifies what documents, applications, and files are available for searching.

In the current Domino domain, you can search for:

  • Applications whose titles contain specified text
  • Documents that contain text (a word or phrase) you specify
  • Documents whose fields contain text that meets search conditions you specify
  • File systems that contain text you specify. A file system is a directory your administrator sets up on a server to contain non-Notes files such as word processing files.
Note: Even if your organization has not set up Domain Search, you can still use an application catalog to find applications in your Domino domain whose titles contain specified text.
Note: For more information on the Domain Search feature, see the IBM® Domino Administrator Help.