How can I use a LAN, cable, or DSL to access Notes® mail and applications?

If your physical connection is a cable modem with a cable (television) service connection, or a digital subscriber line (DSL), IBM® Notes® works as if you're on a LAN. Therefore, you can use the same or a very similar configuration for these three connection methods.

To set up a LAN, cable, or DSL connection


  1. Make sure you have the name of your home IBM® Domino® server for Notes® (for example,
  2. Click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard.
  3. Select Domino server and in the drop-down list, select Local Area Network.
  4. Click Next and answer the questions.


Note: After you complete this type of configuration, the current Location document in your Preferences contains the name of your home Domino® server, as well as your mail file name and path (which was obtained from the server).