How can I use a LAN, cable, or DSL to access Notes mail and applications?

If your physical connection is a cable modem with a cable (television) service connection, or a digital subscriber line (DSL), IBM® Notes® works as if you're on a LAN. Therefore, you can use the same or a very similar configuration for these three connection methods.

To set up a LAN, cable, or DSL connection


  1. Make sure you have the name of your home IBM Domino® server for Notes (for example,
  2. Click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard.
  3. Select Domino server and in the drop-down list, select Local Area Network.
  4. Click Next and answer the questions.


Note: After you complete this type of configuration, the current Location document in your Preferences contains the name of your home Domino server, as well as your mail file name and path (which was obtained from the server).