How can I customize location settings?

You can click the Advanced tab in a Location document and customize the location you are editing, for example to use a different User ID from other locations, allow multiple users for Contacts, use different bookmarks or subscriptions, or manage Web retrievals and Java applet security differently.

Note: If multiple users share Contacts applications in your organization, we recommend that they stop doing so and install multi-user Notes® instead. For more information see Sharing a computer with other users.

If you're not already editing a Location document, click File > Locations > Manage Locations, click a Location document, and click Edit.

Tip: You can also access a your Location documents by clicking File > Preferences and then clicking Locations.

Click the Advanced tab, and then under the Basics tab:

  • Click Yes next to Use operating system's time zone settings.
  • In the Only for user field, enter all user names if more than one user will be using Contacts.
  • In the User ID to switch to field, enter the name of the User ID you want to use at this location. For example, if this location is for another office's LAN where you need a different User ID to access servers, specify that ID here.
  • In the Load images field, click Always or On request for displaying images in Internet Web pages.
  • If you see the Bookmarks filename field, it's because this Location document specifies a custom file name for the Bookmarks application (you may have entered this custom name in a previous release of Notes®).
  • In the Subscriptions filename field, enter the file name of an existing subscriptions application (default is headline.nsf). Notes® will use the file the next time you start Notes®. if you enter the name of a file that does not exist in your \data directory, Notes® will create a file of that name.
  • In the Network dialup idle timeout field, enter the number of minutes of inactivity before Notes® cancels the phone call.