Creating a mail merge scenario

Notes now provides the ability to send personalized emails to large groups.

About this task

To create a mail merge scenario, complete the following steps.
  1. Create an excel spreadsheet.

    Each column represents an aspect of the email body that will be personalized; each row should specify every user receiving the email and their personalized information.

  2. Save the excel file.
  3. In your Mail view, select New > Mail Merge.
    mail merge on dropdown menu in Notes UI
  4. In the dialog box, select your excel file:
    create mail merge dialog box
  5. Provide the addresses of users who will receive this mail.
    Note: The stationery drop-down menu is based on the names of the stationery the user has. If the user selects None selected, the Mail Merge is created from a new memo.
  6. In Subject, the drop-down menu on the first row of each column in the spreadsheet.

  7. Click Next. The dialog box closes and the user is now in Mail Merge mode, where they can edit the mail manually.