Maintaining the TeamRoom

The procedures that follow are tasks necessary for the Team Facilitator to perform in order to effectively manage and maintain a TeamRoom. For additional information about maintaining a TeamRoom, click Help > Using This Application.

Before you begin

Click the Leader/Facilitator Options twistie, and then click Update TeamRoomSetup.


  • To delete a team member, subteam or event – Click Manage Lists > Delete Team Member/Subteam/Event. Select the team members or items to delete, and then click Delete Items.
  • To add or remove members from a subteam – Click Manage Lists > Manage Subteam Lists. From this dialog you can display lists, and add or remove members from a subteam.
  • To add or remove categories - Click Categories. Type the name of a category you want to add or remove a category name to delete it.
  • To move all of the documents from one category to another – Delete the category. If you have not created the new category for the documents, do so now. Click Map Categories. Select the category you deleted, and then select the category you want to move the documents to. Click Map Categories Now.