Creating a Milestone/Event Profile

Many teams work towards a deadline or milestones. TeamRoom allows users to factor a deadline into their work by creating milestones or events. Users can then associate documents with one or more events. This form is used to create those milestones/events in TeamRoom.

About this task

To create a Milestone/Event in TeamRoom:


  1. Click Milestones/Events from TeamRoom Setup page and then click Add milestone/event. The Milestone/Event dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the name of the milestone or event in the Milestone/Event field. This is how the milestone will be identified in pull-down menus.
  3. Associate the event or milestone with a specific date by using the pull-down calendar in the Date field.
    Note: The date you select in the Date field will automatically be appended to the Milestone/Event name in most pull-down menus and views. Dates are supported from 1901 forward. A date prior to 1901 generates an error on the web.
  4. Enter a short description of the event or milestone in the Details field.
  5. Click Active or Inactive to specify whether this Milestone/Event status is currently active or inactive. Inactive Milestones/Events do not display in pull-down menus when users compose new documents. The status of Milestone/Event documents can be changed at any time by locating the document in the Index of All Documents view and editing/saving the document.
  6. Click Save and Close from the Action bar.