How can I copy data into a Notes document?

You can copy and paste data directly from an application into an HCL Notes® document if you have the application on your computer.

About this task

You can copy formatted text and graphics only into a rich-text field (RTF). Copying is useful when you don't expect the data to change. If you want to update data at a later time, you have to copy and paste again.


  1. In the application, select the data you want, and click Edit > Copy to place it on the Clipboard.
  2. In Notes®, open the target document in Edit mode.
  3. Click where you want the copied data to appear, or, if you want to replace existing data with the copied data, select the existing data before pasting.
  4. Click Edit > Paste.


Note: To find out whether or not the field you want to import to is a rich-text field, click that field, and click Edit > Document Properties (switch to Document if necessary), then click Fields (second tab) and the field name. In the right box, any rich-text field is listed as Data Type: Rich Text.
Tip: A field labeled Body is usually a rich-text field.