How do I configure my Notes workspace for roaming?

As a roaming user, your Notes workspace can participate as a roaming application. This enables you to share a single Notes® workspace, including tabs and application chicklets, on all Notes® clients on which you work as a Notes® roaming user.

About this task

If your administrator upgrades you from a non-roaming user to a roaming user, your workspace will be automatically enabled for roaming.

if you are already a Notes roaming user, you may be prompted to enable your workspace for roaming. The workspace on your Notes client will be replicated such that any client on which you subsequently log in will reflect the workspace of the client on which you are working now. Once initial replication occurs, any changes you make to your workspace, for example adding tabs or repositioning application chicklets, on any computer on which you are configured as a roaming user will be replicated and kept synchronized for all clients on which you work. Once you enable workspace roaming, you will not be prompted again.


  1. When you log in to Notes, you are informed that you are a Notes roaming user but have not selected a workspace to roam. Respond to the workspace roaming prompt as follows:
    • Roam the Workspace on this Notes client to my other roaming clients – Use the current workspace on this computer as the initial master workspace for all other computers that you log in to as a roaming user. When you restart Notes, the workspace on this computer is replicated to the roaming server and becomes the initial master workspace for the other computers you log in to as a roaming user.
    • Ask me the next time I start this Notes client or any of my other roaming clients – Do not specify this workspace now but be prompted the next time that you log in to Notes on this computer, provided another workspace is not specified prior to your next login.
    • Never ask me again for this client – Once you choose this option you will never be prompted again to enable the Notes workspace on this computer as the initial master workspace for roaming.
  2. Click OK.