Printing framesets

You can print the framesets that display on your screen when you view an HCL Notes® application, as well as framesets that you see when you view Notes® applications through the Notes® browser.

To print a frameset in Notes, or in the Notes web browser


  1. Open an application (such as a discussion application) which opens to a frameset.
  2. If you are in Notes® (instead of the Notes® web browser), click in the blank area of the left frame.
  3. From the menu, click File > Print.
    Note: You should see the Print Document dialog box. If instead you see the Print View dialog box, click Cancel and try steps 2 and 3 again until you have selected the frameset and the Print Document dialog box appears.
  4. Select one of the following in the Print Frames section:
    • As laid out on screen - prints the frameset as it appears on your screen.
    • Each frame individually - prints each frame separately on a new page.
    • Selected frame only - prints only the frame.
  5. Optional: In the Print Range section, if you do not want to print all the pages (frames) in a document (the default) specify a range of pages, or choose Current Page.
    Tip: Click the Preview button to see how the frames will print.
  6. Optional: In the Print Quality section, make any of the following selections:
    • To print faster (with reduced print quality), select Print as draft.
    • To print pictures at their original size, select Scale all graphics to 100%.
    • If you plan to preview the print job and want to do so in color, select Preview in color.
  7. Optional: In the Copies section, you can:
    • Enter the number of copies of the view you want printed (default is one copy).
    • Select or deselect Collate copies.
  8. Click OK.