Upgrading the design of your mail folders

Depending on settings controlled by your Domino® administrator, it is possible that HCL Notes® upgraded your mail file design to include the latest design for Notes® folders such as Inbox and Trash, but not for folders you have created.

About this task

If the design of your mail file has been replaced with the design in the Mail6.ntf template or later, you can upgrade the design of your folders based on any of these standard folders: Inbox, Alarms, Trash, Rules, Calendar, or All Documents. You can upgrade all folders based on the standard folders automatically or upgrade individual folders manually, which can take a little more time.

To upgrade your folders


  1. If necessary, open your mail.
  2. Click Actions > Folder > Upgrade Folder Design.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To upgrade all folders based on the standard folders to the latest design versions of the standard folders, click Automatic Upgrade.
    • To upgrade folders individually, click Manual Upgrade. Then select one or more folders, select a standard folder design type (such as Inbox) to upgrade the selected folders with, and click OK. To upgrade more folders based on a different design type, click Yes, and repeat.
    • To postpone upgrading until you have examined the design of your folders, click Cancel.