How do I control spam and other junk mail?

Generally, your administrator will manage junk mail for you. However, if junk mail is still a problem, you can control it in a few different ways.

Send mail to the Junk folder

If you often get junk mail from the same sender, you can send mail from that sender to the Junk folder automatically. You can then periodically check Junk, to make sure no regular mail has been sent there.


  1. From any mail folder, select an email from the sender.
  2. Select More > Deliver Sender's Mail to Junk.


To remove someone from the junk sender's list. Open the Junk folder, select the sender, and then select More > Remove sender from Junk list.

Block or filter mail from a sender, domain, or subject

If the junk mail comes from the same sender or domain, or always has a similar subject, you can block that mail or send it to another folder automatically.


  1. In the message list, select a junk mail message.
  2. Click More > Create QuickRule.
  3. In the first section, select whether to block mail from that sender, domain, or subject. You can select multiple conditions.
  4. In the second section, select whether to block mail that meets at least one or all of the selected conditions.
  5. In the third section, select Move to folder or Do not accept message, depending on whether you want to block that mail or move it to a separate folder.


Note: The new rule acts only on incoming messages. It does not affect existing messages in the Inbox.

To view or delete this rule, click the plus sign (+) next to Tools in the mail navigation pane on the left, and then click Rules.

Use Spam Protection

About this task

Lotus Protector is no longer supported. Third party antivirus software such as Symantec Messaging Gateway and SpamSentinel continue to work with Spam Protection.


In the left panel of your mail, click Spam Protection to see a list of senders that your organization blocks, add your own blocked senders, or choose to receive mail from some company-blocked senders.
Note: If you do not see the Spam Protection option in the left pane of your mail (with Folders and Views), then your organization does not use this service.