What setup is required for using a modem with Notes?

You can use either a cable or DSL modem with HCL Notes®.

About this task

Note: Dialup modem support is not available, but you can use one to access network servers or an ISP to reach your Notes® mail if your operating system has the appropriate remote access software (RAS).
  • A cable modem uses a cable (television), also called broadband, connection (this type of modem does not use a telephone line).
  • A DSL modem, with additional hardware, uses a high-speed digital subscriber telephone line.
  • A dialup modem is a digital-analog modem that requires a standard telephone line for connection.

There is no setup necessary in Notes® for a cable or DSL modem. Both cable and DSL access work from the Online location in Notes®, and look to Notes® as if your computer is on a LAN. To set up a dialup modem, you use remote access software in your operating system, not Notes®.