Getting started with Notes applications

An HCL Notes® application contains information about a particular area of interest, such as the forms and policy documents for a department, or it might contain documents of a similar type, such as email messages. In addition, some companies create discussion applications, where employees can post responses to particular topics.

Most applications are stored on one or more Domino® servers, accessible by many users. These are called shared applications. Some applications are used only by you and reside on your computer.

Notes® comes with templates you can use to create your own Notes® applications. These templates have the file extension NTF. The Notes® applications have the extension NSF.

Notes® applications also have Access Control Lists (ACLs) that control the actions people, groups, and servers can perform in the application. For example, one person may be able to create and read documents in an application, where another person may be allowed only to read documents in the same application.