Format fidelity when importing and exporting

When data from another application is imported into or exported from HCL Notes®, the formatting may change slightly.

Character attributes

Bold, italic, and strikethrough attributes are fully supported. Small caps, caps, and shadow attributes are imported as bold text. Outline is imported as italic, and any hidden text is imported as plain text. Notes has only one kind of underline, so continuous, dotted, and word underlining are imported as underlined text. Superscripts and subscripts are supported. Font sizes and colors are mapped to the closest Notes color.

Document and paragraph margins and indents

In Notes, paragraphs, first-line indents, and tabs are relative to the left side of the document, whereas in word processing products they are relative to the document margins. When importing, Notes calculates the left margin of a paragraph by adding the Notes document's left margin setting to the left margin and paragraph indent settings of the imported paragraph. For example, if you import a paragraph with a 0" left margin and a .5" tab setting into a Notes document with a left margin of 1", the imported paragraph will have a 1" left margin and a 1.5" tab.

When exporting, Notes checks all paragraphs and makes the document's left margin equal to the left margin of the leftmost paragraph.

Section formatting

If a section break is also a page break, it is imported as a page break. Otherwise, it is imported as a paragraph break.

Paragraph justification and line spacing

Notes imports left, right, full, and center justification, and converts all line spacing into single, single and one-half, and double line spacing.

Special characters

A non-breaking space is imported as a normal space. Different kinds of hyphens are imported as dashes.

Headers, footers, and footnotes

Notes doesn't import header or footer information into Notes headers and footers. Instead, header or footer text is inserted into the body of the document at the position in the document where the header or footer control code exists in the original document. Notes does not import footnote text.

Features that Notes doesn't translate

Notes doesn't translate revision marks, style sheets, annotations, expanded text or compressed text, or bookmarks.