How do I obtain my roaming data?

After your administrator configures you as a Notes® roaming user, you can work on any computer on which Notes is installed and your roaming-enabled data will replicate automatically.

About this task

As a roaming user, Notes enables your replication schedule and sets it to replicate your roaming-enabled data on the replication schedule and when you start or exit Notes. The roaming-enabled data that is replicated is the content of your Roaming Application folder on the Replicator page.


  1. Log in to and start Notes on an available computer.
  2. Connect to your mail server and your Notes mail.
  3. If you have just been upgraded to roaming user, respond to prompts as described in related topics.

    While your roaming-enabled data is being replicated you can continue to work in Notes. You will be notified, when roaming user upgrade and data replication are complete.

    Once you have been upgraded to a roaming user and your roaming-enabled files are ready, a message may appear either stating that Notes will exit or prompting you to restart Notes.

  4. Restart Notes. A local replica of your roaming-enabled data is received from your roaming server and is now available on this computer.