New HCL Notes® 11 theme

HCL Notes® has a new theme for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notebook.

new look for notes 11

The Notes® 11 theme is on by default, but you can switch the interface to a previous theme. Choose File > Preferences, Fonts, Colors, and Themes to change the colors or version of your display.

notes.ini setting

Notes 11 supports the notes.ini setting CUSTOM_THEME_COLOR to apply a custom color theme to Notes 11 clients.

notes.ini setting procedure

Add the following setting to the Custom Settings tab in a Desktop Settings policy:
where <R>,<G>,<B> represent the red, green, and blue values to use as the basis for the theme color. For example:

To evaluate different colors for the theme and to see their color RGB values, from Notes, click File > Preferences > Fonts, Colors, and Themes. With the HCL theme selected, click Customize Theme. Next to Choose your theme, click the color box.

Updated Teamroom template

Notes 11 supports an updated Teamroom template, however it is not on by default. To view this change, apply teamrm11.ntf to the Teamroom template.