How can I import spreadsheet files into documents that have rich-text fields?

You can import Lotus 1-2-3® and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files into a rich-text field in a document. An imported spreadsheet becomes a table.

About this task

Note: To find out whether or not the field you want to import to is a rich-text field, click that field, and click Edit > Document Properties (switch to Document if necessary). Then click Fields (second tab) and the field name in the left box. In the right box, any rich-text field is listed as Data Type: Rich Text.

If a spreadsheet is wider than an IBM® Notes® window, use the horizontal scroll bar to see the rest of the data. The widest text can be in a Notes® document is 22.75 inches. Additional text does not appear. Also, Notes® imports only the first 64 columns of the spreadsheet.

If the spreadsheet file contains multiple sheets, only the first sheet is imported. Notes® also doesn't import names of named ranges.

Notes® changes the font in 1-2-3® imports to Courier and Microsoft Excel imports to Times Roman. Once the file is imported, you can change the font.

Perform the following steps:


  1. Edit the document, and then click where you want the imported file to appear.
  2. Click File > Import. (This option is dim if the field you have clicked is not a rich-text field.)
  3. Click the spreadsheet program for the file you are importing in the Files of type list.
  4. Select the file's drive and directory and then select the file.
  5. Click Import.