Changing what displays in each calendar entry

To customize calendar rows and columns, click View in the menu bar, and then click Customize This View.

About this task

Choose from the following calendar view options.

Table 1. Calendar view options



Display or hide a column

Select or clear the column under Visible.

To apply your selections to the current calendar view only, select Hide in this calendar format only. For example, if the One Month view is current, you can use this option to hide the Icon column in the One Month view, but display the Icon column in the other calendar views.

Change the column order

Click the column name, and then click Move Up or Move Down. To restore the default order, click Defaults.

Change the width of a column

Click the column name, and then specify a number of pixels in the Width field. Some columns are not resizable.

Change the amount of space between entries

Select a value in the Row spacing field.

Change the maximum number of lines used to display an entry's information

Select a value in the Lines per row field. Select a higher value to display more information, such as more of the Subject field, in the calendar view. If selected, Shrink rows to content prevents every entry from using the maximum number of lines.