How can I set up link categories in a blog?

You can create categories for a links, so that they are organized by category in the same way content is categorized. Then, when blog readers browse the website for content on a particular topic, they can browse the links too.

About this task


  1. Open your blog application (myblog.nsf, for example).
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. In the new blog tab that opens, expand the Configuration section, and then click Link Categories.
  4. Click Add Link > Category.
  5. Complete the following fields, and then click Save & Close:
    Table 1. Link category fields



    Link Category Name

    Enter a name for the category

    Category Order

    Enter the numerical order of the category to sort categories in the categories list

    Include in Category Links Output?

    Select Yes to include this category in the list of categories that displays in the blog.


Tip: You assign a category to a link when you create a Link document, by selecting from a list in the Category field. If you do not create any link categories, there will be no categories from which to choose.