HCL Enterprise Integrator Documentation

Welcome to the HCL Enterprise Integrator documentation, where you can find information on how to install, configure, and use HCL Enterprise Integrator (HEI).

HEI can be used to perform high-volume data transfers, synchronize disparate data sources, and provide real-time integration between Domino and back-end data sources such as DB2, SQL, and Oracle. With HEI you can construct complex workflows straight out of the box. You can also run all your LotusScript agents in one place for better control and scheduling.


The HEI 11.0.1 documentation is provided in the following Notes database files (.nsf files):
  • HEI Installation Guide (leiig.nsf)
  • HEI Activities and User Guide (leidoc.nsf)
These files are installed with HEI. They are also available to download from the article HCL Enterprise Integrator 11.0.1 Documentation on the HCL Customer Support site.
Important: Be sure to see the article Everything you need to know about HEI. This article provides links to key HEI resources to help you use and troubleshoot HEI.

Additional Resources