Retrieve Attachment

This action retrieves a single attachment.

curl --user <loginId>:<passwd> "http://<host>:<port>/apps-basic/secure/org/data/dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7/F_Form1/attachment/ccb92c12-d435-4288-baff-878d8d3c2923"
  • Replace dd34da19-15c4-4267-8f1e-9f12ece743d7 with the app ID of the desired attachment.
  • Replace F_Form1 with the form ID of the desired attachment.
  • Replace ccb92c12-d435-4288-baff-878d8d3c2923 with the UID of the desired attachment.

To determine the UID of an attachment, you can use the Data access REST API to retrieve the data for a given record. If the form contains an attachment item, the data for that record will contain the UID, ID, and filename of the attachment. This information is also available in the response when you upload a file using the Create Attachment REST operation.

For example:
"F_Attachment1" :
  "fileName" : "some file.doc",
  "id" : 123,
  "uid" : "ccb92c12-d435-4288-baff-878d8d3c2923"

When retrieving an attachment, the credentials used for authentication must match the users and permissions specified by the application designer in the Access tab.