Integrating your application with other Domino Volt applications

A Domino Volt application can be integrated as a service within another Domino Volt application.

You can use another application to provide data to populate a drop-down menu on your form. Or, you can search a list of products that are maintained by another application. The ability to share data is a powerful feature of Domino Volt.

To use an application as a service, the designer of an application must set the requisite permissions on the Access tab of the application. Access can be set for Read, or Read/Write. If you set Read access, other applications are able to Retrieve and Search information from a specific application. If you set Read/Write access, other applications are able to Retrieve, Search, Delete, and Submit information to and from a specific application. For more information about setting permissions, see Defining permissions to share data with other applications.
Note: When you use another Domino Volt application as a service, mandatory items must be explicitly mapped in the service mapping Inputs and Outputs. Default Items in the form do not satisfy the mandatory requirement as they are not evaluated on the server. If any value is marked as mandatory, it must have a value that is mapped to it in the mappings dialog.
When mapping input parameters, each target has a Search Operator that can change how the inputs are interpreted. For example, you can apply a search operator to create an assignment that links the input with the target - and the operator. To apply the operator, set the View to constant and then type the operator keyword in the editable field. The following table contains the list of available search operators.
Table 1. Search Operators for service inputs.
Search Operators Description
equals Equal to
notequals Not equal to
lt Less than
lte Less than or equal to
gt Greater than
gte Greater than or equal to
Endswith The target ends with
Startswith The target starts with
contains The target contains

The services also provide access to metadata about the records, such as author, creation time, and the current stage. When you call these services, metadata can be used to filter the results.

The search results can be sorted by form data, such as a field in an application, or by some metadata, such as the lastUpdated time. The default sort order is ascending. To change it to descending, you must prefix your sort field with DESC. For example, the following string sorts ascending, "F_Name". The following string sorts descending, "DESCF_Name".

The following values are available for you to use when you are searching with metadata:
Table 2. Metadata fields and their corresponding sort keys
Metadata field Sort key
Last update time "lastUpdated"
Author name "itemAuthor"
Stage name "flowState"
Line ID "dbId"

You can also limit the results by setting a Page Size that limits how many entries you return, or a Page, which limits pages to return. If you do not provide paging values, then all records that meet your filters are returned.

To see the list of applications available as services select the HCL Domino Volt Applications entry in the Service Catalog list. A list of all applications and methods available for Service mapping is shown. Each application can expose the following methods that are based on Access settings:

Use Retrieve retrieve a single record from another application. For example, use Retrieve to pre-populate information that is based on an employee serial number that is entered by the user into the form. The retrieve returns a single row, and cannot be mapped to a repeating or list item.
Use Search to return a list of records from another application that meets the search criteria. For example, use Search to populate a drop-down with a list of values from another Domino Volt application. The results from a search must be mapped to a repeating/list, drop-down, or table item.
When Delete service method is called, it deletes the record in the target application that meets the supplied parameters. Use this method with caution as there is no way to retrieve the data after the record is deleted.
The Create method is used to create a record in the target application. Create replicates a user interacting with, and submitting, the target form.
The Update method is used to update an existing record in the target application. Update replicates a user interacting with, and submitting changes to a record in the target form