Running a formula from an event

After you add General formulas using the Settings tab, you can use the formulas when running events. For example, you can set a formula to run when a user clicks a button.

About this task

General formulas by default run whenever a form item is changed by the user. You can set formulas to run upon a specific event. For example, if a customer is entering information into an order form, you can set a formula to calculate sales tax and a subtotal when the user clicks a button. To run a formula when a user clicks a button:


  1. Add a button to your form.
  2. Click the Edit Properties icon.
    The Edit Properties window opens.
  3. Click the Events tab.
  4. Select onClick from the list of Client Side events.
    The onClick options window opens.
  5. Select Run a Formula.
    • Click the list to reveal the list of General formula created in the Settings tab.
    • Click Add/Edit Formula to create a formula.
  6. After you either select, or create the formula, click OK twice to close both the onClick and Properties windows.