Setting Stage permissions

Setting Stage permissions defines the Create, Read, Update, and Delete permissions for each role in a stage.

About this task

A Stage is a step in the life of a form. By default, each form has a Start and End stage. The Start stage is activated when a user begins a form. The End stage is the end of the workflow. You can define different permissions for each role on different stages. There are four actions users can take in the Access tab:
By default, an initiator can create a form when the application is deployed.
By default, only record owners and administrators can read the form when it is submitted.
By default, no one can change the form after it is submitted. However, you can authorize users to update the form in the View Responses section.
By default, only administrators can delete a form from the database.

For example, you can add a custom stage for manager approval by adding a stage, and giving a manager permission to modify the form. The following steps describe how to set the permission for a stage. Before using the following instructions, you must create a Stage between the Start and End stages.


  1. Click the Access tab. In the Stage Settings parent, select the new stage that you created.
  2. Check the permissions for the stage for each role.
    Permissions must be set for each stage of a form. The permissions that are set on one stage do not carry forward to another stage.