Other updates

Domino 14.0 also includes the following updates.

C API Toolkit

A new version of the C API toolkit is available. Included are the following updates:
  • NIFReadEntriesExt2 is a new API call that allows you to view NIFReadEntries output in JSON format.
  • Administrators can use the new SECValidateAccessToken API to validate a signed JWT access token that was generated by a trusted OIDC provider.
  • ADMINReqRenameExt adds support for changing short name and internet address when creating a "Rename Person in Address Book" request in the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf).
For more information, see the What's New in 14.0 topic in the Domino C API open source documentation.
Note: Code samples are now in the HCL Software open source repository instead of with the Toolkit. You can find them at https://github.com/HCL-TECH-SOFTWARE/domino-c-api-samples.