Exporting a server ID enabled for NSL

You can export a server ID file that is enabled for Notes Shared Login (NSL).

About this task

Since you can't simply copy an NSL-enabled server ID file, use the certmgmt command to make a backup copy of the ID file. The backup copy is protected by a Notes password.
Note: You can't export an NSL-enabled server ID file if Domino is running as a service using a LocalSystem account. LocalSystem accounts do not have passwords, which are required for this procedure. For more information on LocalSystem accounts, see this topic in the Microsoft Documentation.


To export an NSL-enabled server ID file, log on to the Domino server and run the following server console command:
certmgmt export id  <full path to exported ID file> <exported id pwd> <windows user pwd>


<full path to exported ID file> is the path to export the ID file to.
<exported id pwd>
is a new Notes password for the exported ID file.
<windows user pwd>
is the Windows password for the user who is currently logged on to the server.


For example:
certmgmt export id "c:\temp\server-bak.id" password password
Note: This command cannot be run from a remote console.