Using a policy to enable scheduled messages for Notes® users

To set up scheduled messages for users (ability to delay delivery) for HCL Notes® users, use a Mail Settings document assigned to a policy in the Domino® directory. For delayed delivery to be the policy default, the directory must be upgraded to at least the Domino® 14 pubnames.ntf design. The Notes® user mail file must be upgraded to at least the Notes® 14 mail template (mail14.ntf) design for users to see the capabilities introduced in v14.0.


  1. Open the Domino® directory.
  2. Click Configuration > Policies > Settings.
  3. Select a Mail Settings document in the view and click Edit Settings. Or, to add a new document, click Add Settings > Mail.
  4. Select Mail > Basics.
  5. In the Delivery Options section, make sure that Yes (the default) in the field Allow users to schedule when messages are delivered is selected.
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. Assign the Mail Settings to a policy, if not done already.
  8. It can take up to 12 hours for the feature to take effect on Notes® clients. To push the update to clients immediately, enter the following command from the console of their home servers:
    tell adminp p mailpolicy


After the policy takes effect, when users send messages, they see the Send Later button that lets them select a date to deliver the message.