Requiring an TLS connection to a database

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a security protocol that provides communications privacy and authentication for Domino® server tasks that operate over TCP/IP. You can require users to access a database using a secure TLS connection. You can also choose to require an TLS connection to a single database or to all databases on a server.

About this task

If the server is not configured to require an TLS connection, clients will be able to use either TLS or unsecured TCP/IP to connect to the server; for example, in a browser, by using HTTP (for non-TLS) or HTTPS (for TLS).

To require an TLS connection to a database


  1. Make sure you have Manager access in the database ACL.
  2. From the Domino® Administrator Server pane, select a server that stores the database(s) for which you want to require an TLS connection.
  3. Click Files, and open the database from the Domino® data directory.
  4. Choose File > Application > Properties.
  5. On the Basics tab, choose Web access: Require TLS connection.