Creating a cross-certificate from a user's Person document

You can create an HCL Notes® and/or Internet cross-certificate from a certificate stored in a user's Person document.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the HCL Domino® Administrator, click People & Groups, and open the Person document for the user you are cross-certifying.
    • In Contacts, open the Contact document for the user you are cross-certifying.
  2. Click Actions > Create Cross Certificate.
  3. In the Create Cross Certificate dialog box, choose the certificate to cross-certify.
  4. In the Issue Cross Certificate dialog box, complete these fields and then click Cross Certify:
    Table 1. Issue Cross Certificate fields and values




    File name of a user, server, or certifier ID. Specify a server or certifier ID when creating a cross-certificate for a server. The ID specified indicates who can use the cross-certificate.


    Location of the Contacts or Domino® Directory where you want to copy the cross-certificate. Add the cross-certificate to the Contacts for Notes® clients.

    Subject name

    Organization or organizational unit certifier that you want to cross-certify -- for example, /Renovations. You can also create a cross-certificate for the owner of the certificate.

    Subject alternate names

    An alternate name for the subject of the certificate. Alternate names allow you to assign names that are recognizable in a user's native language to an ID file.

    Expiration date

    Date when the cross-certificate will expire.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for every user for whom you want to create cross-certificates.