Tools for measuring server performance

Domino® offers performance tools you can use to measure and evaluate server performance.

Activity Trends

Activity Trends, part of the Domino® Administrator, collects (logs) and stores activity statistics as current observations and historical trends. The activity statistics relate to the server, databases, users, and connections of users to databases. You can explore the collected data to see how database workload is distributed across servers. Using the data, Activity Trends recommends a resource-balancing plan. Then, working with the Domino® Change Manager, which is part of the Domino® server, Activity Trends provides a workflow that facilitates implementing the recommended changes.

Domino® Server.Load

Using Domino® Server.Load, you run a script (a simulated workload) in your own environment to obtain server capacity and response metrics. You can run a built-in script or create a custom script. Domino® Server.Load includes real-time control of the test environment and variables, such as the number of simulated users. Using Domino® Server.Load, you can evaluate the capacity of your servers and evaluate the requirements for additional CPU, memory, or disk storage upgrades. Server.Load can also be used to determine the effect of changes to the machine, such as upgrading a device drive, an OS service pack, or a Domino® maintenance release.

Domino® Server.Load is included as part of the Administrator client.


NotesBench is a collection of benchmarks (workloads) that simulate the behavior of workstation-to-server or server-to-server operations. Vendors and other organizations use NotesBench to evaluate the performance of various Domino® and Notes® platforms and configurations.

Using NotesBench, hardware vendors and business partners generate benchmark information, which they can distribute to their customers. In turn, customers can use the benchmark information to evaluate vendors, select configurations, and plan resource budgets.

To use NotesBench for testing, you must be a member of the NotesBench Consortium, which is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Domino® and Notes® performance information to customers. The consortium requires that each member run the NotesBench tests in the same manner and allows tests to be audited.