Multi-user installs

Multi-user installs are ideal for most Notes users. The exception is users who use Domino Designer or Domino Administrator, which are available for single-user installs only.

A multi-user install:

  • Leverages operating system multi-user profiles.
  • Leverages user-independent settings.
  • Allows administrators to lock down control of installed programs by installing in read-only directories.
  • Allows multiple Notes users to share a computer while keeping their work stored securely in separate personal data directories.

What if the existing installs are single-user?

While it is not possible to upgrade from a Notes® single user installation to a Notes® multi-user installation during an upgrade install, you can use the supplied Notes® single user to multi-user migration assistant tool to migrate an existing single user installation to a multi-user installation within the same release and then run the upgrade install.

For more information on the multi-user migration assistant tool, see these topics: