Invoking one-touch Domino setup with parameters in a JSON file on Docker

Complete this procedure to invoke one-touch Domino setup with parameters in a JSON file if you run Domino on Docker.

Before you begin

Complete the following procedures:

About this task

Consider using this procedure rather than invoking through system environment variables if parameter values include international (non-ASCII) characters. System environment variables use the locale settings of the Docker host which may not be compatible with international characters.


Run the following Docker command to create a new container and configure the Domino server inside the container using one-touch setup leveraging a JSON file. The one-touch JSON file from the host file system is mounted into the container. The specified environment variables trigger and define the one-touch configuration based on the JSON file (for example, /tmp/auto-config.json).
docker run -it -d -v <Docker volume name>:/local/notesdata -v <OneTouch JSONFile>:/tmp/auto-config.json --name <container name> --env SetupAutoConfigure=1 --env SetupAutoConfigureParams=/tmp/auto-config.json -p <HostPort:ContainerPort> --stop-timeout=60 --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE domino-container:<image>
Note: If the specified Docker volume does not exist, it is automatically created.

For example:

docker run -it -d -v notesdata:/local/notesdata -v /tmp/autoconfig.json:/tmp/auto-config.json --name adminserver --env SetupAutoConfigure=1 --env SetupAutoConfigureParams=/tmp/auto-config.json -p 1352:1352 -p 443:443 --stop-timeout=60 --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE domino-container:V1202
"serverSetup": {
"server": {
"type": "first",
"name": "domino-adminserver",
"domainName": "DominoDemo"
"network": {
"hostName": "domino.demo.lab",
"enablePortEncryption": true,
"enablePortCompression": true
"org": {
"orgName": "DominoDemo",
"certifierPassword": "domino4ever8"
"admin": {
"firstName": "Full",
"lastName": "Admin",
"password": "domino4ever8",
"IDFilePath": "/local/notesdata/"
"security": {
"ACL": {
"prohibitAnonymousAccess": true,
"addLocalDomainAdmins": true
"autoConfigPreferences": {
"startServerAfterConfiguration": true


Your new Domino server should be up and running in a new Docker container.

What to do next

If one-touch setup fails for some reason, review the autoconfigure.log file created in the container by doing one of the following:
  • Copy the log file into the local file-system:
    docker cp adminserver:/local/notesdata/IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT/autoconfigure.log /tmp
  • Invoke a shell into the still running container and navigate to the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory:
    docker exec -it adminserver bash